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As we get our studio here in the U.S. established, we also are looking at establishing a partnering studio in Yanji, China where we also live. Where in the world is this? It is where China, Russia, and the DPR of Korea (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) come together in Northeast Asia. The city of Yanji is known as a Korean autonomous prefecture and is one of the more multi-ethnic regions of China. Over the past 10-15 years a unique blend of Chinese, North Korean, Russian, and yes, American cultures has become very evident. This juxtaposition of cultures is fodder for the visual artist.

MAP bumper sticker.jpg(This Bumper Sticker Is Available at our online shop)

While one would say there might not be any cultures further from one another, we have seen something different. We see the universal language of art and beauty exists despite cultural differences. Art, it may be argued, is one of the most effective cross cultural exchange methods between people groups. Despite where one goes in the world, geographical or historically, art can be found. This is our common thread from which we aim to build our bridges.

If you can get behind this endeavor, check out our online shop! All proceeds go towards the development of a cultural arts exchange studio in Yanji, China.

And thank you!



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